Tuesday 2 March 2010

Booker Ervin's Freedom Book

Yesterday morning at some unearthly hour I heard Booker Ervin's Freedom Book for the first time. I was gripped from the first note. What a brilliant album and what a inspiring bandleader and saxophonist! This an album I will play a great deal in the coming weeks and months.

Inevitably this led me to YouTube where I unearthed this gem. The lineup seems to be:
  • Kenny Drew - piano
  • Booker Ervin - tenor
  • Edgar Bateman - drums
  • Eric Dolphy Nathan Davis - flute
  • Pony Poindexter - alto
  • Ted Curson - trumpet
  • Jimmy Woode - bass
The band is playing Milestones (and dig the TOTP camera zooms in the last 20 seconds).

1 comment:

Graham said...

Hi John

I don't think it's Eric Dolphy on flute. Someone on youtube suggested Nathan Davis, which looks right to me.