Tuesday 19 July 2011

Joe Lee Wilson: December 22, 1935 - July 17, 2011

Sadly, Joe Lee Wilson passed away on Sunday. He was an inspirational singer, human being and friend who spread a message of peace, love and joy wherever he performed. I'm sure he will be missed by all the musicians who had the good fortune to play with him and the audiences who heard his magnificent voice first hand.
Joe Lee Wilson at kineojazz in 2010 by Yari Fontebasso
Joe Lee's voice was a gift and he accepted it with humility. Here is his prayer of thanks from the song Thoughts of a Season:

To you, I'm extending this special blessing
To include my family and friends, fans and musicians, promoters and organisers, who have helped me throughout my long singing career,
from gospel to blues, from blues to jazz (or perhaps I should say afro-american classical music!).
I thank God the Creator for presenting me with a unique artistic gift
to bring peace and love into every community in every corner of the world
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

The Guardian has published a lengthy obituary that really does Joe Lee justice. Thank you John Fordham, Val Wilmer and The Guardian.

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the jazzstronaut said...

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Wilson here in Brighton a few times, great guy, great musician; will be sorely missed. All the best to Jill, his partner and Naima, his daughter. RIP, Joe Lee.