Monday 2 April 2012

Brighton Jazz School Podcast

Since Saturday I have been mourning the death of The Guardian Film Podcast. Film critic Jason Solomons and his film review sparring partner Xian Brookes have been my company on many train journeys and runs round ten park. On the plus side I will have more time to listen to the BJS podcast. Presented by pianist Wayne McConnell and produced by Brighton jazz fan Mike Guest, the podcast is an adjunct to the jazz school that Wayne runs at The Brunswick.

Weighing in at about an hour, it's a hefty chunk of listening but there are always plenty of gems. Features include Album of The Week, Passing Notes (focusing on some aspect of jazz theory) and an interview. I have particularly enjoyed the interviews. Each one has had a memorable nugget - gentleman trumpeter Joe Hunter identifying the romanticism at the heart of his lyrical playing, pianist Frank Harrison on the virtuoso practice routine, drummer Jim Whyte talking about the Ahmed Jamal trio, virtuoso pianist and BJS patron Geoffrey Keezer on how Jim Hall got him to play so sparingly it led him to question his whole musical personality. It makes me wish that I interviewed some of the memorable conversations I had with Joe Lee Wilson - I always intended to at some point.

The one thing that the podcast could do more of is musical extracts. This requires a PRS license and Wayne has put a PayPal link on the site so that you can contribute to the hosting costs and put something towards the license. That said there have recently been some great musical examples from James Williams, Geoffrey Keezer and Tim Garland.

If you're local and love jazz, check it out. If you're, not local it's worth checking out anyway.

You can find out more about the BJS, including links to all the podcasts at the website:

At last, a Blogger app!

Work overload, jazz projects and an almost daily commute to London have made blogging difficult recently, which has meant that I have not posted reviews of some fine gigs, including the great Will Vinson with Aaron Parks at Pizza Express and Pete Burden at The Verdict. I should be able to remedy that as I am writing my first post on the iPhone using the Blogger app.

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